lørdag 10. mai 2008

two blocks and a layout

Sorry for being so slow on the update about the friendship quilt blocks. I'm sick with an huge ear infection, and just want to lay down feeling sorry for myself. That is pretty much what I'm doing, when I'm not knitting or getting envious over all the great projects I discover in blogs..
My baby girl has also been hospitalized, but after running a great number of tests; there's nothing wrong with her! Now that is a reason for celebrating, we've been worried for a while now.
About the blocks then! They one in the back is made by Limola, and the one in the front is made by Hobbyvenn. I love them! I've got exactly the blocks I wished for; red and white but no christmas motif. Yey! The quilt isn't taking shape, but soon I'll have all the blocks and can start to plan it a little. Luckily I have a spare wall ;)
After beeing inspired by my good friend Liss, I've decided to to another attempt at scrapbooking, I didn't feel like getting it right the last time. I don't feel to good about this either, but it's much better! The paper is mostly Sassafras Lass, exept the letters which I've cut out from regular solid cardboard. I ADORE the cute Sassafras patterns, the owls are just too cute! Perfect for funny baby pictures.
I'm planning some more layouts, I've even sketched them! It's fun, but I feel like a beginner. If it's something I really can't handle, it has to be the feeling of making something I'm not 100% satisfied with!

3 kommentarer:

Paddelora sa...

Så flink du er!
Syns ikke du virker som en nybegynner ang scrapping!
Håper du har fått medisin, så du blir fort frisk fra infeksjonen :)

Kari Anne sa...

Med de beste ønsker om god bedring!
Lappene var lekkre og hadde flotte farger. Søt jente med yoghurttrut:o)

LissM sa...

ÅÅÅÅ så søt:) Denn ble jo kjempe fin:) du har det i deg:)
Gleder meg kjempe masse til det kommer flere:)