mandag 25. februar 2008

Ups and Downs

Finally! The first mittens I've ever made using two colors and a diagram. Had some trouble shaping the edge, but now I know what to do, and what not to do next time. I've just made "something" for a cuff, and wrote down what I did. Made some easy cables, and put one some beads as well. I've also used a part of a diagram from the book "Latvian Mittens"

Quite happy with the result, I think it's okay for a first knit on 2 mm size needles.
I'm already planning more mittens, but I think they will just have to wait. These took 10 days, and they're small as well. Think they're about size 3 years. The yarn is pure alpaca, from Drops/Garnstudio, and the same colors I've used for the cap I blogged some days ago.

søndag 24. februar 2008

Floor Knit

When you have small children, it's convenient to have a small project to work on while sitting on the floor rolling toys back and forth to entertain as long as possible. This has been knitting on the floor, and amazingly enough, it took two weeks! That's pretty slow knitting... But I've made some other things too!

Extremely simple pattern, I borrowed the decrease from Jaywalker (slip two stitches as to knit, knit one, pass the slipped stitches over the knit stitch) and worked 5 stitches between the yarn over/double decreases. I like how the decreases is "pushed" and makes another pattern.

lørdag 23. februar 2008

I am a very lucky girl

I did a swap on Ravelry, and gave away 3 balls of Noro Aurora. This is what I got back, I couldn't believe my eyes when I ripped the paper of the parcel! I've never tried bamboo needles before, but I will do very soon. They're so smooth and light and pretty and and and...! And the size is printed on each needle, that's a plus too. Really glad I've got 3.25 and 3.75 mm, as they're sizes which hard to find in regular yarn stores in Norway. Bamboo is pretty expensive here too!

I've also been spinning, using a midnight blue merino roving, plus my own dyed, also a merino. The yarn is ok, but it would look better if I plied it a bit more. Not exactly an eye-catcher, but perhaps suitable for a manly project? ;)
Will put it out for adoption/swapping on Ravelry.

fredag 22. februar 2008

Amy who...?

I DO love Amy Butler fabrics. It just took a while for me to realize that they can be used for actual projects, not just beeing looked at. A quick peek around Flickr should get you enough ideas to use all her gorgeous fabrics.
I've planned some projects, a sunbonnet and dress for Elina, a couple of quilts and a little bag for my knitting project (Look at Felisis amazing knittingbags!)

I know this isn't very good fabric dieting. I go through different phases when it comes to fabric. Over the past year I've went through japanese taupes, reproductions printed with small figures, polkadots, 70's retros, secondhand and Amy Butler. I already have some of Heather Baileys Freshcut collection, but something tells me that it will grow too.. Anna Maria Horner is even making a new collection!
I also got the first block for the friendship quilt I'm attending. This cute one is from Petrine. Thanks!

onsdag 20. februar 2008

Lost in Translation

In Norwegian, this patterns is called Djevellue.. which means devil cap. In English, it's called Sweet Baby Cap. That's kind of fun, I think! I started this on Sunday, as an easy car knit on the way to a dog show about an hour driving from here. I like to have a simple and small project to knit while we're driving, and I like circular needles better than double pointed, as they're easier to put away in the middle of something.
I've knit this hat once before, when Elina was just a couple of months old. I think I made the 6 month size then, and could use it for just a few weeks before it got too small. Now I've made the 2 years size, and it fits now when she's only 10 months. I thought it would be big enough to fit her during spring/summer, but it seems like that won't happen. Quite happy with the result after all, I think it's cute and girly without giving anyone diabetes.

tirsdag 19. februar 2008

The Intoxicating Smell of Wet Sheep and Vinegar..

Yesterday I finally got my Jacquard acid dyes, after waiting for nearly a month! And I had them for almost an hour before I soaked some fiber in water, and started preparing for handpainting. The process is so easy, it's difficult to get it wrong and it's extremely exciting to open the plasticwrapped fiber rolls after they're done steaming for 45 minutes. I followed this tutorial, I think she explains the process pretty well. And pictures is always a plus!
I've dyed some different fibers, The first dye didn't turn out too nice (number 3 from the left) since I used too much color and liquid, so the colors blended too much together, and turned out greyish. Merino and two kinds of silk in this batch.
After that I made the other purples, in two different rolls. Tried to dye merino, alpacka and BFL this time, and they turned out much better. I LOVE the alpacka, it's incredible soft! It didn't take the color as well as the wool, but it's okay to have a lighter shade when I start to spin as it will make the yarn more interesting. I also tried to make a lime green alpacka roving, but it turned out more yellowish. I also found it difficult to mix different shades of blue, so the last rovings is experimenting with different shades of blue (and some green/yellow)
I think I have to get some more dyes, in hot pink and turquise, as I had some trouble making these. From when I went to school I'm used to mixing cyan and magenta, not scarlet and skye blue, which could mean almost everything.
Now there's only one problem.. I'm out of white roving!

onsdag 13. februar 2008

Doh! You little....!

Sometimes I get some kind of "knit-kicks", and I actually make something. This time I'm making tiny Jaywalker-inspired socks, and I've used Regia sockyarn

And it looks like I'm not the only one enjoying this yarn ;)

I've had a few knit-kicks over the last few months, and they're all because of Ravelry. It's so incredible inspiring to see all the nice things everyone is making!
I think I'll stick to small things for a while, tiny socks, hats and mittens are great! And I actually get a chance to finish them before getting too bored. My knit-kicks never last more than a week or so, I'm afraid..

tirsdag 12. februar 2008

Gift from a Secret Friend

I joined a swap/secret friend thing at Hobbyboden and here's the gift I got! Beautiful fabrics (one of them is a red metallic perfect for the art quilt I'm planning), the others beautiful red and white holiday fabrics with gold prints. I also got some cute little heart buttons, I adore them!
I already have planned a few projects for some of these things, and I think I have an idea who sent this to me as well ;)

mandag 11. februar 2008

Fleamarket Finds

Fleamarkets is one of my HUGE obsessions, I always find loads of things to bring home. If there's some 70's fabric, I'm in heaven!
This is my last find, artwork and blue hyasinth-vases. I adore them! I put the art on the shelf just as a place to keep them while waiting for the frames to be painted (yes, I got some frames as well)
But now I think they look so good up there that I'll just keep them there.

fredag 8. februar 2008


Hobbyvenn blogged her knitting basket, and I wanted to do it too. So I did. Here it is, the place where I hide bills and empty candybags. It's also being used for knitting-related projects, the two active ones at the top. Flower Basket Shawl in purple/blue/turquoise Evilla art yarn, hope I'll get to finish it during February. (Yes, I'm slow.. I started it in December)
In front it's a spool of handspun alpacka/corriedale waiting to be plied. I'm not to sure about the color, it's very nice, but it's also not very me. Maybe I'll sell it, if it turns out OK.
And all the little socks in wacky colors? That's where the insanity comes in. I thought 24 knitted socks would be great as a Christmas calendar for my little girl. Luckily it's still some time until Christmas, as I've only made 5 or 6 socks... This smells like an UFO. Or perhaps stink.

torsdag 7. februar 2008

From Hell to Heaven

I've been having some serious problems with my Elna for over a year, but for some reason I've never tried to open it and look inside.. Until now. And look! A huge lump of dust! I had no idea so much could pile up in there.. And now the sewing machine is a dream. It's silent, and doesn't "chew" up the fabric at all! I've got back the machine I once dreamt of, it kind of like christmas and birthday all over again ;)

I've been sewing some different things the past few days, as I've joined a frendship quilt-group. It's so much fun to "go crazy" with different patterns, foundation piecing and lots of color! I'm supposed to sew 8 blocks, 2 every month. My February-blocks are done, and hopefully they'll get in the mail tomorrow. Excited to hear what the recievers will think!

After making intricate blocks, it's always fun to do something fast and simple, like these. They're called Puss in the Corner, and I got the idea from the faboulus Norwegian book Quiltegleder. They will all be blue, beige and brown, and I'll get to use many different japanese fabrics, both prints and plaids/other heavier qualities/textures.
I've only made 4, but as mentioned before, they're quick, so I'll make some more during the weekend and will hopefully get some idea how this will turn out!

onsdag 6. februar 2008

7th spin

I have a thing for purple, and I have a thing for beads too. Now I think I even have a thing for silk and merino!
This is a 3-ply fingering weight yarn, 1 strand of rayon thread, with 11/0 beads, two strands of merino and silk. This is a keeper, as the quality isn't too much to brag about. I think I'll make a lace shawl or something. Some day!

søndag 3. februar 2008

Oh Joy. One Year Older

I can't really remember when my birthday became just an ordinary day, perhaps when I turned 17. When I grew up, February 4th often was a stormy day. If the weather was bad enough, or if we've been out of electrisity during the night, the school often had to close. This happened 3 times while I went to elementary school, and it was great! But during the (boring) day at home I always started to miss that "something special" it is to get a year older.
Today I'm 26. I used to think 26 was the perfect age to get pregnant. But I couldn't wait longer than until I was 24 (and a half!) So what is 26 the perfect age for? What should I try to accomplish during the next 12 months? I will for sure try to make the road towards 27 as bumpy as possible, as I have a thing for that.
Maybe 26 is the perfect age to realize that cupcakes isn't dinner, and quilting should be done before midnight.