lørdag 10. mai 2008

a trip down memory lane

A thread about knitwear for newborns were started at Hobbyboden and I got to think about our little girl when she was just 2 days old. She was born 18 days earlier than she "should", so I never got the time to get scared.. or buy some of the most nessesary things for a newborn, like a car seat. So we had to borrow a big blue plastic bag at the hospital, which was fully legal to use in cars! I can't understand why this is safe travelling for a baby. Anyway, I remember being so tired after 2 days at the hospital, and sitting in the back of the car breastfeeding while my boyfriend ran around town to get all the babystuff we needed. Like diapers, babycream, some clothing and something to give her a bath in. It's only been a year, but the extreme stress is gone!
Oh, now I remember why I uploaded the pics.. The knitwear! Isn't it cute? A midwife at the hospital "begged" to put it on Elina, and afterwards she had to run around the whole floor to show them the "little doll". Proud parents? Nooo.. ;)
Again, the knitwear... It's made by my mother. It's pure wool, and we used it until the weather got to hot. It was really simple to put on and take off, as the pants have buttons all the way. I can't believe it's been this long! What a year!

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Monstermønster sa...

Nyydelig sett! Skjønner godt dere var stressa som måtte ordne alt på en gang helt plutselig! Tenk så fort året har gått, ettårsdag er feiret allerede.

Sønnen min er født i august i 30 grader, så det ble ikke noe hentesett på ham.