søndag 31. august 2008

do you have something for me to knit?

My mother asked me that question when she visited in January.. Sure! I always have thousands of planned project, pick anything you like!
She ended up knitting this jacket, which I've planned for ages. But I really didn't find the time to start it.. Luckily she did. All I had to do was to sew on the buttons, which are vintage metal with little cute "stitches" on to make them look like leather.
Hopefulle the jacket will fit Elina next spring and summer, it's a little to big for her now. It's rather heavy, about 200 grams and is knitted on needles 2,5 mm which makes it rather compact as well. Maybe that's a good thing in windy Bodø.
Sorry about the picture! The program I use to fix them didn't start... SO annoying!

Hihi, I put this jacket out on Ravelry before I blogged about it, and when I'd finished the blog update, I saw that 4 people had viewed the jacket, and all four of them had put it as a favourite! Fun for mom!

tirsdag 12. august 2008

the balls are back in town

The yarn balls, that is. I've been away for my holiday for the last 9 days, and it's been a stressful experience. We've been to Sweden and Finland (by mistake, actually) and have slept in 5 different locations. I've never had the time to really sit down and knit, so all I've produced over the last week and a half is nearly two arms and the upper part of a pant. I might have knitted about 50 grams, and I brought nearly 500 with me! I'd never planned to knit all of it, but I wanted to have something to chose from, if I was to start a new project.
The picture above is the arms I've mentioned. It's a little sweater for Elina, and it's made of Noro Kureyon Sock, in two different shades (219 and 229)
It's supposed to turn out as a raglan (some day..)

Well.. after I came home, I counted 31 balls of yarn, which I've bought during my vacation. Addicted, me?
Here's 28 of them, which are for me. The remaning 3 is a gift for someone who might "read" my blog.. ;)

I've used my camera quite a bit while we were in Sweden:

Both pictures are from Teknikens Hus in Luleå, Sweden. Recommended for the playful!