mandag 26. mai 2008


It's completed. At last. First I started knitting the biggest size on bigger needles, to get a size 2 years. It turned out more like size 8 years, so I knit the 12 months size on bigger needles, and it turned out a little big. But it will hopefully fit before I forget all about it..
Pattern: Five Fruits by Amanda Kerr. It's a free Ravelry download. Here's her blog.
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, color 224. I used 200 grams.
Needles: 5 mm, circular and double points.
I found this pattern at Magknits, the great pattern recourse which suddenly shut down, without a warning. It's okay to shut down your site, but it's NOT ok to do it without a warning when thousands of people are using the patterns for their knitting projects. (yes, it's smart to copy it to your computer. There are several things that's smart, but it doesn't mean we do it) It really pissed me off, but the designer was luckily kind enough to share the pattern as a free download. I really, really appreciate that!
Anyway, quite happy with the result, it's an unusual pattern, many things were new to me. It's well written and easy to follow. It's a top down, for me that seems to be the easiest way to knit a sweater. I even found a top-down group at Ravelry, so there are more fans ;) The sweater has some edgings that are new to me, the neck stockinette all the way, no rib or garter to make an edge. Same thing on the sleeves. I think it's really cute!
Here's the edging. I didn't bind of, but sew it on to the back. Yey for that, it turned out good. I will probably knit this patterns again very soon, but use a yarn which is more like the one used in the pattern, so I might have a little idea how it turns out.

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Siena sa...

Great sweater! It looked really good in Noro, tempting to add this to my to-do-list. I`ve never knitted top-down, and it`s always fun to learn something new :)

Shannon sa...

Beautiful! I love the colours. Don't worry about the bigger day, very soon, you will put it on her and say "How did you grow so fast?!" Kids always seem to do that...

Cloudberry sa...

Nydelige farger!

Anonym sa...

Å, herlige farger. Denne likte jeg :-)
Det ligger en liten oppmerksomhet til deg på bloggen min..
Ha en flott helg!

Margrethe sa...

Kjempelekker genser på skjønn unge :) Fargene var supre!