fredag 25. januar 2008


1. Hvor er mobilen din? Uvisst
2. Skildre kjæresten din? Varm
3. Håret ditt? Samarbeidsvillig
4. Moren din? Engasjert
5. Faren din? Kakemonster!
6. Hva er favorittingen din? Senga
7. Hva drømte du om i natt? Fremmede
8. Hva drikker du helst? Cola
9. Drømmebilen? Ikke-eksisterende
10. Hvilket rom sitter du i nå? Stua
11. Eksen din? Glemt
12. Din største skrekk? Utilstrekkelighet
13. Hva vil du være om ti år? Realisert
14. Hvem var du sammen med i går kveld? Familien
15. Hva er du ikke? A4
16. Det siste du gjorde? Spant
17. Hva har du på deg? Grønt
18. Favorittboka di? Renkesmed
19. Det siste du spiste? Minestrone
20. Livet ditt? Ekspanderende
21. Humøret ditt? Uberegnelig
22. Dine beste venner? Fantastiske!
23. Hva tenker du på akkurat nå? Wollknoll-katalogen ;)
24. Bilen din? Aldri
25. Hva gjør du akkurat nå? Planlegger
26. Sommeren din? Utforskende
27. Sivilstatus? Samboer
28. Hva er på tv-en din akkurat nå? Mørke
29. Når lo du sist? 21.10
30. Når gråt du sist? Søndag
31. Skole? Planlegges

Like you Could Resist Them!

The new year was a few hours old when I decided to join a fabric diet, and even wrote on the blog that I wouldn't buy any new fabric this year, unless I was on vacation, or needed fabric for frames/binding or backsides. I kept that promise for 23 days. That's not to bad is it?
I had no chance, when I came across the new naive japanese fabric club at Desiree
I'll get 5 more packets of yummy fabric, I can hardly wait!
But I'll try to do one thing right: I will not start another project using this fabric until I've finished at least one UFO!

On the Wheel Today

Another project in progress,purple merino and silk with a color which can't be described other than weird. Wonder how it turns out! I'm trying to make a thinner thread, thinner than I've ever tried before. Maybe it'll be more difficult to ply.. just one way to find that out, isn't it?
I'll try another new thing this time, beads! Tiny beads on a rayon thread matching the merino. This is exciting! I hope this yarn will be enough and suitable for a shawl.

onsdag 23. januar 2008

This used to be a quiltblog

Somehow it's not that easy to get to spend some time alone in my playroom/studio nowadays, as I'm home alone most of the day with our baby. The solution for that is English paper piecing and scraps! I have no idea why, but the scrapbox just continue to grow, even if I don't sew anything.. How is that possible?! I'll bet it will grow during this project too, as I have a bad habit when it comes to scrap quilts... When I'm finished making about half the project I usually think the colors are dull, so I use some stash, just to make it more interesting. I will try not to do that this time, but I might use some stash for the background, since I don't have enough scraps for that.

And yes, I think it looks kind of dull. What does it need to look more exciting?

tirsdag 22. januar 2008

Still spinning

4th spin. Pure Spælsau/Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace. I've dyed it myself, and I'm satisfied with the color, at least. This was difficult to spin! I'm not that experienced when it comes to carding, I guess I still have a thing or two to learn there.. This will be a pair of socks for my girl, I think. Maybe two pairs?

5th spin. Aaah, merino! So soft, so beautiful colors! Extremely satisfied with this spin, and it's also the largest. 250 grams. 12 WPI.

6th spin, finished today! Merino, some unknown wool, angelina, silk I've dyed. Fun spin, but I got some problems with the silk while plying. 14 WPI, 110 grams. (Enough for what?!)

tirsdag 8. januar 2008


Favourite Garment

Urkigurki at Hobbyboden started a thread, asking for peoples favourite homemade garments. Here's mine. A wool/mohair scarf in a lace/rib-pattern with pink holographic sequins. Made it about 2 years ago and I LOVE it!

3rd spin.

I'm still crazy about my new spinning wheel, and finsihed my third yarn tonight. Merino again, this time in greens. Think it's about 150 grams.

søndag 6. januar 2008

My second spin

My second homespun is completed, this time blue and greens. It's actually a little bit more green than the photo shows. Pure merino, and it was soooo much easier to spin than the felting-wool I've used before. It's about 80 grams, and I hope thats enough for a pair of mittens. I've used all the fibers I had for this yarn, so it's kind of exiting if there isn't much enough yarn ;)
Right now it's a competition going on at Spinners home where you can win a drop spindle or some fiber just by telling a bit about your experiences and wishes when it comes to spinning.

torsdag 3. januar 2008

Brighter days

The very first finished project this year. A Eastern/spring tablerunner, which was started in August.We had a lot of guests during last summer, so I got some time to stitch the hexagons by hand while chatting in the sofa. Then, in early December I came across the lilac/white rabbit fabric I've used for a frame, and knew the minute I saw it that it was perfect! Quite happy with the result.

It's about a meter long, quilted with a variegated YLI thread (grey/yellow) in a wacky diagonal-pattern. The binding is a large-scale Heather Bailey fabric. I've always used small pattern fabric or stripes for binding, so this was new.

I really, really like stitching hexagons, and believe someone once said it was addictive. So true! I'm planning a new project already, a treeskirt for next christmas. Or was it christmas 2009? I have some unfinished projects now, I'm afraid.

onsdag 2. januar 2008

A goal for the new year

One of my new year's resolutions is to stop buying any quilt fabric for a year, unless it's for a project I've started last year (I need two blue fabrics for a teacup applique) OR if we're on vacation.Or if it's backside fabric... Or, or, or!
This diet is perfect for me, as I don't have a system in my fabricboxes (and baskets and shelevs) anymore, they're just floating over!