søndag 30. september 2007

Childhood memories.

I've saved some animals from when I was little. The oldest one is a cat I got from a friend when I broke my arm. I was six. The other animals have I collected over the years, and the miniature perfumebottles on the top was collected while I was in my teens. Some of the animals are broken, amazingly many feet are missing...

The shelf/cabinet (which has a plastic lid as well) was found at a flea-market in Sweden about a year ago. I will always remember that trip, because i was pregnant, and had a lot of "signs", but couldn't figure it out.. I even had a baguette and 3 buns for breakfast without thinking there might be something wrong! So the cabinet is a memory too.

I'm getting things done.

Things are moving forward. I'm quilting, blogging, knitting (a new blanket, haha!) All because I'm to lazy to keep my house clean. Anyway, I'm working on two projects:

The first, a hexagon tablerunner. I've used all the "weird" fabrics i could find in my stash, and also bought some new ones (that's the most fun part, isn't it) Ordinary cottons, some crushed velvet, satin, brocades and some really thin fabrics.

The frame is a velvet I found in Sweden this summer, and I didn't bring the rest of the project to see if the colors co-ordinated. Which they didn't. I think the frame is way to dark, but on the other hand, it really makes the pinks glow! And why didn't anyone tell me that quilted velvet looks amazing? I'll use this kind of fabric again when I quilt.. Very soon!

The plan is to get the tablerunner finished by (this) christmas, it doesn't look too bad. I've quilted 1/3 so far, but haven't cut the binding. I used the spiral quilting pattern once again because I thought it was sooo much fun.. But then it became boring after 2 1/3 project. I have to think of something new now.

The other one is (surprise, surprise) another tablerunner. In dull greens. I got a load of japanese fabrics from Lappeteknikk and wanted to use them together in a project with some other dull fabrics. I went into my "ugly box" and found some olive florals, went into my "to good to be used box" and found a japanese mushroom-pattern. And I also found some beige and a more bright light green to make it a little more interesting. I've even used some christmas fabric! This isn't like anything I've made before, so I have no idea how it turns out. So far I like it, and I think I know what fabric I'll put around it, as a frame. My favourite, sage! Oe will sage make it to dull? We'll have to see.

I've been tagged.

By Elin

7 things about me:

-I'm scared to death if I see a balloon. It's even worse if it's beeing held by a small (unpredictable) child.

-I often buy shoes without trying them on.. And I'm almost as often to lazy to return them if they don't fit.

-I often dream I'm a sexually frustrated man. I have no idea why.

-Manequin-dolls scare me almost as much as balloons. Every doll or "thing" that look like a full-scale human is really creepy. And now we're moving into "2 meter tall creepy moving-santa-season"... please help me, someone.

-I come from a family where long and intricate conversations with ourselves is pretty normal. My brother is the master of this "skill", but I'm not to bad either.

-I start a crochet or knitted blanket several times every year. So far I haven't finished any of them. I threw away two of them recently.

-I had cupcakes for dinner today... *blush*

I'm to lazy to tag anyone else, if you want to tell something about yourself, please do so. It's fun to read!

A treasure hunt and a ton of potatoes!

Yesterday I went to a market, or a gathering of crafters selling their work. It's a huge happening where I live every year, and for the past two years I've been more or less broke, and drooling over this extremly cute "Carrot House". Yesterday I had the money to buy it, and even a frame! Fantastic! I really love all the small details, the windows, the flower, all the colors.. everything! Looking forward to getting it up on the wall.

I even found some treasures at the flea-market, two old booklets with lots of knitting and crochet patterns, I just love the purple shawl! I looked through the pattern, and it looks like something even I can manage to knit. Yey! I also found a book about interior decorating, from the 40's, and some fabrics. Who doesn't love flea-markets?
I have tons of treasures found on flea-markets, a great deal of my fabrics are secondhand. I like plaids, and they're usually easy to find, but the hard part is finding the ones which is 100% cotton. I've had one or two surprises while ironing fabric that looks like cotton, feels like cotton... but isn't cotton. That "fake" sheen isn't always that easy to discover in a crowded room with little light. I have no mercy with synthetic fabrics that looks like "the real thing", I throw them away as fast as I can.

And look at this! At least we're getting some of our farming right. This is about 1/4 of our crop, to much for us to eat. So we're giving some of it away. Hope they'll enjoy it! We will, for sure.

torsdag 27. september 2007

What I've been up to!

I bought some scrapbook-stash just a few days after I gave birth.. And now, 5 months later I've finally made a page! Wonder when I'll get to finish the next one.. in February?
This was FUN! But I don't have that much stuff, and will continue to use most of my money on fabric, so the scrapbook will not turn out to be fantastic.. Maybe it's just a matter of taste, I will not buy everything I find interesting, but try to use my imagination. For example, the dotted lines around one of the ultra-sound pictures and the hearts is a vitrea glass-paint. I haven't painted glass for ages, finally this came in handy!
Tomorrow I'll continue looking through my stuff, and see if I'll find any buttons, stickers, iron-on transfers, laces or other cool stuff i can use. Yey, this is so fun! And very sofa/TV-friendly! I bet I'll get to hear a lot of movies while creating memories for my baby ;)

onsdag 12. september 2007

No time to quilt.

Everyone who's a mother know how it is when the baby's getting teeth. None of us have gotten any proper sleep the last week, and quilting is far down on my to do-list.
I'm getting more and more ufos, so far this is my "active" ufos:
-A hexagon tablerunner
-Another hexagon tablerunner (addictive, ok?)
-A pinwheel quilt (I think I can call this an ufo now, I've been working on it for over a month, but haven't done anything the last week)
-A blue simple quilt
The top is finished on almost all of these projects, I just have to order some fabric for the backsides, and hopefully go back to quilting soon.
I have a plan, though. I'll finish all of the quilts mentioned above, and then start on a "pink but not to cute"-project for my little girl. I want to use some large-scale Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett and Heather Bailey fabrics, and mix the cute pink with some orange and yellow, and maybe a light green. I'll have to find a pattern for a simple block, to fit the large patterns.
Pink and yellow are traditionally two colors I just don't like, but lately I've started to see how they can be fitted into a quilt with other colors, and actually work. I used to buy a lot of blue, purple and green fabric, without having any idea how to put them together with other colors.
So i studied my quilt books, and started buying the same shades as I saw in quilts I like. That way I ended up with less novelty prints, and more plaids, reproductions, japanese and almost solids. I had to learn how to buy fabric, for sure. And I've spent some money while learning ;)

onsdag 5. september 2007

A tiny quilt.

About two weeks ago, a festival was held a few hundred meters away from our house. I checked the local newspaper, and found out when Chris Cornell was going on stage. Then I sat down by my cutting mat and sewing machine, opened the window and started making this tiny, red quilt while listening to The Master of Grunge (who is still rather good looking, close to 45)
I had already cut tiny scraps into 1,5" squares, and started sewing 4 of them together, forming a new square. Then I cut it again to make it even smaller. They're not even an inch now!
The whole quilt is about the same size as a LP-cover, or 30 cm. Perfect for a christmas nightstand!
I have fallen completely in love with the swirly quilting, I've used it two times in a row now. It's so much fun, and I love the look of it. I think it really adds a new layer to a simple quilt like this one.
I'm going to make another quilt in the same colors, but not the same pattern. After all, I still have hundreds of 1,5" squares in red and pink I need to use..
I might add that even if this is a christmas quilt, I haven't used any christmas fabrics. None of that typical Santa/gold/dark green/mistletoe stuff.

mandag 3. september 2007

I'm the worst farmer ever!

I just love the idea of growing my own food, eat it as fresh as possible and know that it didn't travel half around the world to get here. How wonderful wouldn't it be to make a salad without going to the supermarket at all? Well....

Where are all the big, fat juicy tomatoes?!

And why does the carrot look like this?
Even children can grow tomatoes and carrots!

A brand new blog!

In English! Wow..

I already have a Norwegian blog; http://blogg.hobbyboden.com/halijens but now I wanted to make a new one. The community where I keep my old blog is maybe best suited for knitters, since there are more knitters. I hope to get to know more blogs and quilters by making this new blog!
I've only been quilting for about 3 years, and for sure still have much to learn. I get inspired everywhere. Nowadays I'm making a pinwheel-quilt, a tiny christmas tablecloth/dollquilt, and I'm thinking about an art-quilt with lots of applique.
I like to try new things all the time, you might say I haven't found my own style yet.. But it's coming!

Inspiration today:

-This amazing Norwegian quiltbook, Quiltegleder. I got it from a bookclub the other day, and love it! The colors are fantastic, the authors use repro-fabrics, Amy Butler fabrics, a lot of buttons ans sequins! A lot of traditional blocks in not so traditional colors. Me like!

-Kaffe Fassetts "Brocade Flower" in ochre. What a fabric! I got to have it! This is a rather "easy" Kaffe Fassett fabric to use, as it doesn't have to many colors in it. I love his flowery patterns, but too often I find it too difficult to put them successfully into a quilt.

-Kristin Lavransdatter. Sigrid Undsets amazing triology about a woman in the 14th century. 1269 pages of wisdom! My hand kinda hurts...
I used to hate reading old-fashioned language (this was written in the 20's) but now I've changed. It's interesting and fits the story well.