mandag 29. oktober 2007

Little miss Fancypants!

Look what granny made for Elina! A jacket and pants, both in soft alpacka. I have no idea how she managed to knit the pants, after having laser surgery on her eyes.. That seems like something as impossible as walking through a swingdoor with skies on.. But she managed it anyway, and both the jacket and the pants turned out great. Elina will use them a lot this autumn and winter.
The jacket-pattern is a tiny version of an adult pattern from Garnstudio

And look at this! She even sent a note to my boyfriend, who has other talents than washing clothes... It says "Handwash only" for you non-Norwegians ;)
Impossible to misunderstand, even for a guy!

søndag 28. oktober 2007

I'm playing with glue

As you might see, I've made some ornaments. And it was fun too! Usually I make (or at least start to make) things that neeeveeer get finished, and I get bored. Almost all the time...
But not this time! These were quick, the white one in front took me 4 minutes to make, plus the time it took for the glue to dry. Check out the sequins on a string I've used for the hanging.
The picture isn't the best, in the back you can almost see a red beaded thing.. It's a steelthread heart I've winded red beads around.
My "goal" is to have as much homemade christmas decorations as possible, the most important thing is that they tell a story, not that they look perfect and match.
I seached around the net for some victorian ornaments yesterday, and as always, I get tons of good ideas just when the stores are closing for the weekend. But tomorrow I'll get some paint, a few new balls and some more glue to play with :) More christmas-ish projects on it's way!

onsdag 24. oktober 2007

onsdag 10. oktober 2007

I've been to Lofoten!

And while driving there we stopped at a fabricstore.. and I also found one in Lofoten. So I got some fabric, mostly japanese. The plaids are quite hard to find in stores here (or at least I think so, I try to stay away from fabricstores, as I don't have millions to use on fabric every week..) The prints are a toile, a Lecien, and a beautiful pink called Silence beauty. Love them!

When I got home on Monday, two packages from Ebay had arrived! Some Moda fabrics, and one I fell completely in love with, the yellow roses from Mary's muslins! ! bought two yards of that, and a Moda Chelsea boutique in tan and red, to use as frames. The other fabrics are smaller pieces. I regret not buying more of the light blue Moda Shangri-La fabric.. but that's just another reason to buy more, isn't it?

While driving, knitting is the perfect waste of time. And of course, I've started something new. With old yarn! This is a silk/cotton yarn I got from Angelita when I was 19. I've had leftovers for 6 years, I hope they'll come in handy now! (Which means I hope I'll finish this one)
I've knit 8 squares, all started in the middle. The colors are white, cream, golden, tan and a little grey. Wonder how it turns out.