onsdag 21. november 2007

Christmas mode

I've made som more christmas decorations, using scrapbooking paper, ribbons, lace, buttons, glitter and everything I could find in my stash. They turned out just like I wanted them, homemade and a bit old-fashioned. This was so much fun, so I'm already making some more!

tirsdag 20. november 2007

I'm addicted!

To ravelry and knitting! I'm the slowest knitter ever, and get bored ages before I've actually finished something. But then something suddenly happened. I'm still slooow, but somehow I've managed to finish a thing or two before starting a new project. I have some trouble understanding that, as there's thousands of patterns on Ravelry, and I want to knit them all!
I've made this vest, a Garnstudio pattern using Angora-Tweed. It didn't turn out perfect, but ok enough. It's the first vest I've ever knitted, that's kinda fun. I've also started a baltic hat for the model above, but there's a bigger chance it'll end up in the garbage than on her head, I'm afraid. I've put it aside for a while, and someday I hopefully will see the joy in weaving in 60 loose threads. (right!)
My active project is a "something" for "someone", who happens to read my blog. It's a christmas present, and I hope to finish it by Desember 1. Then (if I don't get any other clever ideas along the way) I'll start making a shawl for myself. If you happen to know where to find glassbeads big enough for knitting, please let me know!

søndag 4. november 2007

Abused socks

Socks is one thing I just don't enjoy knitting. But I enjoy cold babyfeet even less, so I had to make a pair. They're made of 3/4 a ball of Noro Kureyon, (colorway 207) and I knitted them om thinner needles, to get them as thick and warm as possible. Then I started abusing them. Kureyon gets a lot softer after beeing put in some really hot water.. And I felted them just a bit against a cookietray, to get a soft and fluffy look ;)

Happy with the result, even if I don't like the colors. But the yarn is really fun to knit with! More about these socks on my Ravelry.