torsdag 17. juli 2008

jumping around

Yes, I'm happy. What a day! And I just got out of bed! This is what I found in the mail today, from lovely Colourmart. A whole cone of 100% pure cashmere, in a khaki color. I love it. I can't wait to knit it. But the annoying part about luxury yarn is that I never find the perfect project. I just save it for ages, until it isn't that special to me anymore. I'm not going to do that this time. My original plan was to knit these mittens. I've ordered a fingering weight yarn, but I think it's thinner than that. It isn't twisted that hard, so it might be ok to knit it double. Oh, I can't wait!

I also ordered this little piece of paper, with tiny skeins taped to it. Why doesn't all yarn stores do this? I can really feel the different qualities, and see how thick they are. All samples are cashmere, if not other is mentioned. There's some camel, silk, merino and mohair too. I love the blue/purple heavy lace, and I want it now.

I even got a ball of merino, as a gift. It's the softest merino I've ever felt. I'm not sure what there's enough yarn for.. it's great to have kids with small heads, hands and feet, isn't it?

At last, a little cute picture I took this morning... Has she got the yarn madness as well?

tirsdag 15. juli 2008

disagree (4)

After "my" forum, or the forum where I spend most of my online time, was shut down for a while a few days ago,as a substitute I started spending more time on Ravelry.
Wow, how many groups there are, and how many topics that are being discussed! I found myself anticipating in topics about everything! There are tons of inspiration to get, and I'm planning more and more projects. To bad I only have to hands.. How many Ravelry groups do you belong to, and what is the weirdest?

Suddenly, I found myself being a member of 72 groups, from tall people (I'm just tall enough!) to zimmermania and everything in between. It's really great to discuss patterns with other people, there's always someone who knows how to do everything.. Isn't it great that all this knowledge about knitting is avaliable in one place?
As for the topic of this post: It's ironic.

Even if my blog is struggling to stay alive, I still am knitting. I've made 3 christmas presents, and recently started Gretel by Ysolda. I've wanted to do a beret for ages, and I've also wanted to do cables... This might be the perfect project then? It's knitting at it's most extreme, I'm not sure if I have enough yarn! I've bought it 4-5 years ago, and know it's Gedifra. I'm pretty sure I've only got two balls, and I'm not sure at all where to get more, or if the yarn still exsists. Fun, isn't it?

fredag 4. juli 2008

happy days

Not much to blog about these days, I'm working almost full-time, and enjoying the great weather! Two things which is often hard to combine, I've realized...
Other than that, I'm making christmas presents. That is a really fun thing to do when there's so many small children in the family! I've completed one, and have started on the second one, which will be done in a day or two.
A little early to start thinking about christmas, you might think?
Not at all... Last year we bought most of the presents while we were away for the summer, and it was SO great to relax, bake and enjoy Desember, instead of stressing through stores to find presents. I'm hoping to make a couple of things every month, so far I think I'll make 6.