lørdag 3. mai 2008

tiny, warm and colorful

This was fun! And fast, easy and mindless. I've used two strands of Rauma Finull for all 3 projects, and they've been felted in the tumbler for a half hour or so. The pair at the top is a size 3 years (I guess), the ones in the middle is 3 years, and the slippers at the bottom is about size 22-24. All perfect for kindergarden/daycare!
I made this before I went to visit my parents, as they have a tumbler I could use for felting. I made some other things as well, but they will be decorated a bit before posted here. I'm halfway through a good plan, I think I'll make some embroidery on them (it's a purple hat and a pair of dusty pink mittens)
Other than that, I'm still working on the domino blanket posted about yesterday.. If you have some sock yarn scraps you want to sell, let me know! I'm interested in the small scraps, I'll be happy to get less than a ball of each color! I'm interested in qualities like Opal, Regia, Fabel and similar.

3 kommentarer:

LissM sa...

ååååhh... de så varm og god ut:)

Linn sa...

Wow du er ikke liiite flink da, blir så imponert når jeg ser slike prosjekt! Prøver fortvilt å lære meg å strikke, meen tror jeg bruker kremt litt mye tid på scrapping hihi!

Gleder meg til å titte innom her flere ganger og å bli kjent med deg på Arctic:D

Unknown sa...

They are all so pretty and warm looking! I made some purple and pink mittens for myself last winter nearly identicle in color to yours!