torsdag 26. juni 2008

monogamy is cruelty

Who would have guessed that headline was about shoes?
I love them both! After 2 days, I still couldn't pick a pair, and had to go with both pairs. I think they're so cute, in a comfy kind of way... Not the kind of sandals I would wear to a wedding, but perfect for everyday wear. In rainy Bodø.(Does anyone make tiny umbrellas for the feet?)
I'm hoping for a dry autumn, I think they'll look pretty cute with tights and a skirt too.
When it comes to crafts, I'm cleaning out my studio. I want to weep while I do it, mostly because of the dust,but also because I have to store most of my yarn, fabrics and fiber in plastic boxes in the basement. I will still have a studio, but a combination of a studio and a guest room. So I'll keep some fabric, the yarn I'm hoping to use in the next decade (a growing amount, for sure), the sewing machine and some other stuff, but it will be crowded in there with a queen size bed as well. Why can't my guest be very tiny and very, very in love with each other? They're so much easier to store in beds!
Anyway, it's a huge job, I regret not asking Helen to come and help me. She's a yarnaholic who would love to make a system in my stash!
I'm also knitting a little christmas present. I've knitted an A and most of a B.. after I've finished the B I'll start on a C, and then they will all be connected into a D. Which will turn into a garment. I'm afraid the reciever, or the recievers relatives are reading my blog, so I have to be a little vague. And it's fun too. To be vague, I mean.

tirsdag 24. juni 2008

they're small, fast and binds off easily...

Yep. You guessed right. I'm talking about hats. Or caps, berets,tams, beanies or whatever. I prefer the slouchy beret-type, and I'm so extremely bored with my current project, that I want to make something small NOW.

The shawl I'm making only needs 5 more rows before I start the ruffled edging, but they're some pretty long rows... I can't decide if I should put it away until I'm bored with hats and are longing for an easy and mindless project, or if I should get it over with ASAP! Gah!
Why is knitting so hard? Why are there so many beautiful patterns I want to make right now? That's just mean!
Garnstudio have released some of their autumn/winter patterns too, and I found a couple of hats I want to make... I'm also pretty impressed with Ysoldas hat patterns, mostly Gretel. Or maybe Estella?
Again, there are to many great patterns out there!

lørdag 21. juni 2008


By LissM

Circle of Friends Award

The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1) 10 years ago:
I was 16, and had just finished elementary school. I'd applied for an art/craft education and got in. I got a little summer job at my fathers company. I remember getting in to the local pub, even if I were 2 years to young, and thought it was great... until someone told the owner. I tried to explain that I really was 18, but he knew better. It's also almost 10 years ago since the biggest football match ever, when Norway beat Brazil 2-1 in the world cup. Norway didn't do it to good in the rest of the their matches...

2) 5 things on today's TO DO list:
Go for a walk with child and boyfriens
Trick boyfriend into getting me a knitpicks needle
Cook a healthy soup for dinner
Comfort poor boyfriend who has to go to knit stores, buy me things there AND eat soup

3) Snacks that I enjoy:
apples, raisins, kiwis... That's the snacks I DO enjoy, what I want to eat is a different story. (Chooocooolaaaate!)

4) Things I would do if I were a millionare:
Create places for people to work
Eat more organic food
Buy all the knitpicks needles!
Get more education
Get a haircut and some I.D Foundation

5) Places I have lived:

It's Saturday morning, and I'm tired. That means I'm to lazy to tag anyone, but if you read this; please feel free copy and paste!

søndag 15. juni 2008


The second spin I talked about, completed a few days ago. It's a BFL roving which I've painted. I love to spin this fiber, it is so easy to "fluff up" and pre-draft. I don't know if I was lucky with this particular wool, or if BFL usually is this soft. I've heard someone mentioning it's not as soft as merino. I have som pretty cheap merino, and this is ten times softer than that. It's the only BFL I've ever owned, so I don't know. I think it's a bit more shiny than merino too.

A little about the yarn:
It's a 2-ply Z-twist, about 12-14 WPI. That would make it a a fingering weight? I don't know what to make of this, maybe a hat or a neckwarmer for Elina? Or maybe I'll swap it, it's to sad to stash a lot of yarn I have no idea what to do with. That doesn't mean I don't to it..

fredag 13. juni 2008

what is that?

You might wonder, if you aren't a spinner. Or maybe you're clever enough to figure anyway?

Yes, they're rovings. Bluefaced Leicester wool dyed into a badly planned color combination. I wanted to experiment with the idea of purple and orange. And to put a little more life into the yarn they eventually will become, I added some green and pink as well.

At this point it looks like a child went crazy with all her favourite colors, not thinking about the result at all. I have absolutely no idea how this will turn out as a yarn. Or even what it will look like once its dried.
Most of the times when I've dyed rovings, they've turned out better than I thought they would. Acid dyes are really that easy to use. This time I don't know.. Isn't it a bit to clown-ish?

torsdag 12. juni 2008

a wooly update

I've been dyeing, again. This time I painted a skein of Rauma Lamullgarn. It used to be white, now it's green, teal, olive and turquoise. I've used Jacquard Acid Dyes this time too. It didn't turn out as dark as I wanted, but ok enough. I have no idea what to make of this..
I've been spinning too! This is a BFL roving I dyed a while ago, and finally finished spinning it yesterday. I have no idea how much yarn there is, since it's still wet and can't be put on the weight for a while. It's a pretty thin and light quality, I think it turned out good. It might show up in someone's mailbox in about a week ;)
I'm already working on another project, also a BFL roving I dyed. It's a teal/purple/turquoise mix, and there's not that much of it.I hope I'll finish it pretty quickly, as I'm hoping to spin a blue/brown/grey yarn for the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl. I quess I have a thing for shawls!

søndag 8. juni 2008

once in a lifetime?

Yesterday I went to a dyeing-class, where Sissel tought us how to dye yarn and fiber, using Jacquard Acid dyes. I've done this before, both with fiber and yarn, but I did learn some more. I also got really inpired, so I bought a ball of white yarn, which I threw it in some hot water as soon as I got home!
Then I mixed up some purple, blue-ish purple, green, brown and hot fuchsia, and started pouring them on the yarn. It didn't look that good when I put it in the pot, but after drying up the whole night it looked kind of different... I'm extremly pleased with it! It's the best dye I've ever done.
It's almost religious.