mandag 28. april 2008

treasure hunting

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved the seaside. The smell, the sound, the sand..
I grew up in a fjord in Lofoten, and the seaside was always nearby, so that's where we went to play. We collected shells and polished pieces of broken glass, turned the stones looking for crabs and small fish.. I even remember once a friend of mine and I cought a herring with a cooking pot someone threw away!
Today I'm visiting my parents, who moved to Mehamn, a small town in the far north of Norway. I lived here for a couple of years, and was often down by the seaside. I even found some furniture for my apartment there! I cound some old wooden shelves from a boat (I guess), which could be used as storage for shoes and a nightstand. I really miss that now that I'm living in a larger town. I don't think my boyfriend would consider the seaside as a proper place to "shop" for furniture eiter!

The fascination is still there, and today I went down to look what I could find. It's always the same; the first minutes I can't find anything, but later I can't get to pick up everything I want before I lose the sight of it!
I could just sit here forever...
After a while I got an idea. A new idea, in fact. Why can't broken pieces of polished shell be turned into something to put on jewelry? I could make a hole in them, and maybe make a hemlock bracelet? Maybe something like this? It's made by this Etsy seller
The dog was very helpful, looking for shells as well. Or maybe just digging a hole because she got bored..

After a while I started collecting bigger pieces, maybe they'll be great buttons for knitwear? I can't wait to get home and make some holes in them!

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Linn sa...

Er så imponert, så kreativ du er, en skikkelig kunstners sjel!! Så kos å se i bloggen din og for noen vakre bilder :D

Anonym sa...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.