tirsdag 15. april 2008

oh. my. god.

I joined a "secret enemy" swap at Hobbyboden, an idea some mean knitters came up with at a stitch n' bitch meeting in Oslo (I think)
I loved the idea, and as soon as I got the information about my enemy, I sent a couple of acrylic skeins as fast as I could, feeling very happy!
I didn't think much about what I would get back... And to be honest; it's the ugliest yarn I've ever seen!! I had to get it out of the plastic bag to take pictures, and it actually feels worse than it looks!
I had to do something nice after touching and photographing the yarn, strange as it might sound; I didn't feel like vomit once I'd put it away...
So I made some granola muffins! Yum! It's the roustique and empty fridge-kind. They actually taste good too.

3 kommentarer:

Pinneguri sa...

Åh, de så nydelige ut!

(Kakene altså ;p)

Anonym sa...

Herlig garn! *fnis*

Muffinsene dine fristet mer ja. Kos deg!

Anonym sa...

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