tirsdag 8. april 2008

afternoon sun

The mailman has been sweet to me the last days. Yesterday he even brought the book I've been waiting so long (like a week....) to get, since I was so eager to start knitting some of the projects. Rumor (Ravelry) says it's some great patterns for hats and mittens in it too, which is mainly what I'm supposed to knit, besides the fantastic jumpsuit I'm planning on making, or might trick my mom into doing.. (hør du, mamma?)
Less than an hour after getting the book I started the ribbed sweater I'm currently working on, using Kauni yarn purchased at Villepinner last week.
This is what the mailman brought me today, besides a couple of skeins of Silk Garden for the Five Fruits sweater. 10 balls of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply. Aren't they cute? Each ball is only 25 grams, they're like tiny baby skeins! The color is called Barely. Rowan give their colors the prettiest names..
I got them cheap, so I'm planning another project from the book mentioned above for this yummy yarn.

I've also got two blocks for the friendship quilt, from Krikri and EveB
Aren't they cute? Thanks so much! The quilt is beginning to take shape now, curious to see how it turns out..

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Hannes hage sa...

For en flott blogg du har, og så gode bilder du får tatt av tingene dine. Har alltid hatt lyst til å lære meg å spinne, men har aldri lært meg mer enn å spinne med håndtein. Det er nydelige farger på ullen, og garnet.

Irene sa...

God ide å bruke Norogarnet ditt til noe annet, kjedelig når det bare blir liggende, altfor flott garn til å bli ufo =0)