lørdag 26. april 2008

getting older is a good thing

Back in 2002, I got this amazing book from a book club I'm a member of, just because I forgot to tell them I didn't want it, and even forgot to send it back. I didn't like it that much, but the pictures were ok. Maybe the patterns was a bit over my level as a knitter (they're still), but over the last 6 years while my mother have had the book I've somehow learned the noble art of biting off more than I can chew, which is a fantastic skill to have if you ever plan to make something from this book.
I'm not exactly planning anything (I've just checked the bank to see if I have money for the yarn, picked out a color combination and almost queued it at Ravelry), but I am dreaming. This wedding cardigan, for example. It's so out of the ordinary, and I love it! I would have guessed that a book from 1997 are not that up to date on modern knitting, but this really is. Or am I lost in the 90's?
I will bring the book home with me and drool over it a couple of weeks, and then maybe get some yarn if the jacket is still as amazing as I think it is right now..

Speaking of getting older, a couple of days ago my baby girl celebrated her very first birthday! I made some cakes, a pink heartshaped cake filled with strawberries and banana (very baby friendly) and a oreo dream cake (YUM!) for the grown ups. I'm not much of a cook when it comes to cakes, but these turned out great.

I think Elina likes cake... If she only could be like this when we feed her porridge!

She did look cute in her birthday dress! The day before she's got vaccinated and wasn't feeling to good with a high temperature and stomach trouble. She got several gifts; clothes, toys and even a bicycle baby stroller

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PerJorun sa...

Så flott kjole! Den var du virkelig heldig med :-) Og Elina kledden den kjempegodt

Shannon sa...

Awww, Happy Birthday, Elina!!! She looks beautiful in the dress!

Will you share the recipe for the Oreo cake? It looks delicious!