søndag 3. februar 2008

Oh Joy. One Year Older

I can't really remember when my birthday became just an ordinary day, perhaps when I turned 17. When I grew up, February 4th often was a stormy day. If the weather was bad enough, or if we've been out of electrisity during the night, the school often had to close. This happened 3 times while I went to elementary school, and it was great! But during the (boring) day at home I always started to miss that "something special" it is to get a year older.
Today I'm 26. I used to think 26 was the perfect age to get pregnant. But I couldn't wait longer than until I was 24 (and a half!) So what is 26 the perfect age for? What should I try to accomplish during the next 12 months? I will for sure try to make the road towards 27 as bumpy as possible, as I have a thing for that.
Maybe 26 is the perfect age to realize that cupcakes isn't dinner, and quilting should be done before midnight.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Gratulerer med dagen!!!

Anonym sa...

Masse gratulerer med dagen! Da jeg ble 26 innså jeg at nå, nå er jeg liksom voksen og må ta ansvar, være voksen og moden. Men livet sniker seg innpå en i sin egen fart. Ta godt vare på det neste året, det blir sikkert fint og bare ditt.

Torill sa...

Å den kaka såg veldig god ut!