tirsdag 19. februar 2008

The Intoxicating Smell of Wet Sheep and Vinegar..

Yesterday I finally got my Jacquard acid dyes, after waiting for nearly a month! And I had them for almost an hour before I soaked some fiber in water, and started preparing for handpainting. The process is so easy, it's difficult to get it wrong and it's extremely exciting to open the plasticwrapped fiber rolls after they're done steaming for 45 minutes. I followed this tutorial, I think she explains the process pretty well. And pictures is always a plus!
I've dyed some different fibers, The first dye didn't turn out too nice (number 3 from the left) since I used too much color and liquid, so the colors blended too much together, and turned out greyish. Merino and two kinds of silk in this batch.
After that I made the other purples, in two different rolls. Tried to dye merino, alpacka and BFL this time, and they turned out much better. I LOVE the alpacka, it's incredible soft! It didn't take the color as well as the wool, but it's okay to have a lighter shade when I start to spin as it will make the yarn more interesting. I also tried to make a lime green alpacka roving, but it turned out more yellowish. I also found it difficult to mix different shades of blue, so the last rovings is experimenting with different shades of blue (and some green/yellow)
I think I have to get some more dyes, in hot pink and turquise, as I had some trouble making these. From when I went to school I'm used to mixing cyan and magenta, not scarlet and skye blue, which could mean almost everything.
Now there's only one problem.. I'm out of white roving!

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Guzzisue sa...

I love these colours :)

Guzzisue sa...

Hey, Me again, just noticed where you live. My interest in quilts etc was helped by the lady at the museum near Saltstaumen who showed me her quilts when we visited on our motorcycle tour in 1997- small world

Anonym sa...

Jeg syns den 'mislykka' ulla var kjempefin!

Helen Brekke sa...

Åherlighet så fint! Jeg blir jo nesten helt rørt!

Ses på torsdag.

Anonym sa...

Jeg er nettopp blitt hekta på spinning og denne fargeglade ulla gjør at det kribler i fingrene. Den er så flott ogdet blir spennende å se den ferdig spunnet! ha en fin dag!

Mvh Marit

Inger sa...

Wow - så flott ull da! Herlige farger! Syntes bloggen din er veldig koselig og tulla di er jo supersøt :) Ha en fin dag!