lørdag 23. februar 2008

I am a very lucky girl

I did a swap on Ravelry, and gave away 3 balls of Noro Aurora. This is what I got back, I couldn't believe my eyes when I ripped the paper of the parcel! I've never tried bamboo needles before, but I will do very soon. They're so smooth and light and pretty and and and...! And the size is printed on each needle, that's a plus too. Really glad I've got 3.25 and 3.75 mm, as they're sizes which hard to find in regular yarn stores in Norway. Bamboo is pretty expensive here too!

I've also been spinning, using a midnight blue merino roving, plus my own dyed, also a merino. The yarn is ok, but it would look better if I plied it a bit more. Not exactly an eye-catcher, but perhaps suitable for a manly project? ;)
Will put it out for adoption/swapping on Ravelry.

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