fredag 22. februar 2008

Amy who...?

I DO love Amy Butler fabrics. It just took a while for me to realize that they can be used for actual projects, not just beeing looked at. A quick peek around Flickr should get you enough ideas to use all her gorgeous fabrics.
I've planned some projects, a sunbonnet and dress for Elina, a couple of quilts and a little bag for my knitting project (Look at Felisis amazing knittingbags!)

I know this isn't very good fabric dieting. I go through different phases when it comes to fabric. Over the past year I've went through japanese taupes, reproductions printed with small figures, polkadots, 70's retros, secondhand and Amy Butler. I already have some of Heather Baileys Freshcut collection, but something tells me that it will grow too.. Anna Maria Horner is even making a new collection!
I also got the first block for the friendship quilt I'm attending. This cute one is from Petrine. Thanks!

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Anonym sa...

I love Amy Butler too!! Either you know who she is and love her or you don´t know who she is.. I just bought her new Anna Tunic pattern, and can´t wait to sew one for myself.