tirsdag 24. juni 2008

they're small, fast and binds off easily...

Yep. You guessed right. I'm talking about hats. Or caps, berets,tams, beanies or whatever. I prefer the slouchy beret-type, and I'm so extremely bored with my current project, that I want to make something small NOW.

The shawl I'm making only needs 5 more rows before I start the ruffled edging, but they're some pretty long rows... I can't decide if I should put it away until I'm bored with hats and are longing for an easy and mindless project, or if I should get it over with ASAP! Gah!
Why is knitting so hard? Why are there so many beautiful patterns I want to make right now? That's just mean!
Garnstudio have released some of their autumn/winter patterns too, and I found a couple of hats I want to make... I'm also pretty impressed with Ysoldas hat patterns, mostly Gretel. Or maybe Estella?
Again, there are to many great patterns out there!

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