mandag 17. mars 2008


About a month ago I made a pair of purple and white mittens for Elina, but they turned out to big, but at the same time they turned out to good to throw away.
So I had to make her another pair, also purple and white. A combination I adore.

I used 3 different pattern to make them;
The cuff is the pattern from Mermaid Socks by Lucy Neatby
At the back of the hand I've used a part of graph 39 from the book Latvian Mittens
Inside the hand I've used the Manly Mitts pattern from
I really do enjoy putting together different patterns to make something unique!

The mittens are 14 cm long (everything included), 7 cm wide and are made of Dale and Gjestal Babyull on needles 2.5 mm. The purple yarn is a handdyed, blogged about here

What is all this white stuff?!

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Å så nydelige votter, fargene er herlige! Skjønner at Elina lurer på hva alt det hvite er også, neste gang det kommer husker hun ikke å ha sett det.... God påske til deg og dine!

Tonje sa...

Your mittens are gorgeous! You have a very interesting blog here... I should have gone to bed a looong time ago, but I'm still here looking at your blog....

God Påske!

Pinneguri sa...

Så utrolig flotte votter! De blei jo helt perfekte :) Jeg også likte fargekombinasjonen veldig godt, nydelig lillagarn.