onsdag 23. januar 2008

This used to be a quiltblog

Somehow it's not that easy to get to spend some time alone in my playroom/studio nowadays, as I'm home alone most of the day with our baby. The solution for that is English paper piecing and scraps! I have no idea why, but the scrapbox just continue to grow, even if I don't sew anything.. How is that possible?! I'll bet it will grow during this project too, as I have a bad habit when it comes to scrap quilts... When I'm finished making about half the project I usually think the colors are dull, so I use some stash, just to make it more interesting. I will try not to do that this time, but I might use some stash for the background, since I don't have enough scraps for that.

And yes, I think it looks kind of dull. What does it need to look more exciting?

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