tirsdag 22. januar 2008

Still spinning

4th spin. Pure Spælsau/Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace. I've dyed it myself, and I'm satisfied with the color, at least. This was difficult to spin! I'm not that experienced when it comes to carding, I guess I still have a thing or two to learn there.. This will be a pair of socks for my girl, I think. Maybe two pairs?

5th spin. Aaah, merino! So soft, so beautiful colors! Extremely satisfied with this spin, and it's also the largest. 250 grams. 12 WPI.

6th spin, finished today! Merino, some unknown wool, angelina, silk I've dyed. Fun spin, but I got some problems with the silk while plying. 14 WPI, 110 grams. (Enough for what?!)

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