onsdag 26. desember 2007

The greatest UFO.

I once loved crazy quilting. it's the perfect way to use my creativity, I love projects where I get to do several different things, and isn't told by a pattern how things are supposed to turn out. Crazy quilting is perfect! You just make a few bocks, find some embellishment you'd like to put on.. and let it develop. I've never had any idea how things were suppposed to turn out, just that it had to be purple, and I wanted to use a lot of beads and buttons.
But it's so slooow! I love the idea of using years and years making a quilt. I just don't love doing it. I have 4 6" blocks for this, and to be honest, I don't think there will be any more.

2 kommentarer:

Quilter Kathy sa...

These are absolutely beautiful!
But it sure does take a long time! Merry Christmas!

Unknown sa...

Your blocks are beautiful! What will you make from them since you woun't be doing anymore? They would be really nice in a small tea cozy or framed to display on the wall...