søndag 2. desember 2007


I'm feeling the need to start panicing! The house looks like a mess, and the freezer is packed with different kinds of breads and buns since I have a "thing" for baking at the moment. Christmas is getting closer, and I'm just doing the things I want to do, not the things I should do. I'm spending too much time in stores and the kitchen, and I'm having a great time!

Look at this! So small! Is it the mother-instinct kicking in when I just had to buy them?

I even got to use the sewing machine a little bit! While making some cards I just had to make a few seams, as I felt I haven't got the chance to use it in weeks!

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Anonym sa...

Veldig fin og stemningsfull adventsstake du har!

Og så utrolig små og søte julekuler...ikke til å tro..! (nesten)