torsdag 6. desember 2007

An early christmas present

I've wanted to buy the Quilting Arts magazine for quite some time now, and finally I did. It's great, but makes me feel like the biggest amateur in the world. People are so creative, have so much stuff they use in a new way that I never could think of! How do they do it? And where do they put all their art quilts? I'm new to this. I've done some crazy quilting in the past (will blog some photos of it soon), but never got my own style, and ended up stealing so many ideas that it ended up like something that wasn't completely mine. And it's slow too. Veeery slow. I'm not to good at bending crazy quilt-rules either, so I think I might make something in the middle. Between mixed media art quilts and (more or less) traditional crazy quilts. The comforting part is that I'm new to this. Maybe I'll develop over the years?
I bought some other small presents for myself too, a couple of rayon threads and top stitch needles. The thread is ment for machine embroidery, but I think it looks great as a quilt thread on smaller works as it is variegated and shiny. The green looks amazing, the other one I'm not to sure about. "Earth tones" can be almost everything!
I hope I get some time and inspiration to create something inspired by these great magazines during christmas.
As for now, I'm baking and cleaning for christmas. Which means I've baked much more than we'll ever manage to eat, and been thinking of and planning to clean several rooms, but haven't done any yet. And still I'm bragging about how I'm not getting stressed! I might say something else when there's not any more room in the freezer and the house looks like hell. (Or MORE like hell) I've been making gingerbread. For me it's the ultimate childhood christmas tradition, and they have to be decorated with frosting! I kind of went nuts and bought a 25 piece cake decorating set from Wilton, several cookie-cutters, some sprinkles (shaped like cows, jewish stars, dinosaures, mickey mouse and pink breastcancer ribbons!) A little childish perhaps, but my baby girl is my excuse. She's going to get a proper (childish and fun) christmas!
Here's a healthy alternative to the hearts above! Looking like this they got to be healty, right?

2 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

Så flotte pepperkaker du har bakt, de så fristende ut. Ha en fin kreativ uke.

Helen Brekke sa...

Åh, du er så flink og huslig! Jeg skulle ønske jeg også hadde tid til å bake... Eller, jeg har jo det. Jeg baker på Prix jeg:)

Den lysestaken nedenfor var nydelig! Så kreativt tenkt!

Flinke du!

PS. Ja, det er helt umulig å tenke på hva man skal lage av det garnet, og garnstudios sine sider hjelper meg ikke helt heller... Må teste ut hvordan fastheten kan bli med forskjellige pinner (men det er jo sååååå kjedelig)