torsdag 27. september 2007

What I've been up to!

I bought some scrapbook-stash just a few days after I gave birth.. And now, 5 months later I've finally made a page! Wonder when I'll get to finish the next one.. in February?
This was FUN! But I don't have that much stuff, and will continue to use most of my money on fabric, so the scrapbook will not turn out to be fantastic.. Maybe it's just a matter of taste, I will not buy everything I find interesting, but try to use my imagination. For example, the dotted lines around one of the ultra-sound pictures and the hearts is a vitrea glass-paint. I haven't painted glass for ages, finally this came in handy!
Tomorrow I'll continue looking through my stuff, and see if I'll find any buttons, stickers, iron-on transfers, laces or other cool stuff i can use. Yey, this is so fun! And very sofa/TV-friendly! I bet I'll get to hear a lot of movies while creating memories for my baby ;)

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