søndag 30. september 2007

A treasure hunt and a ton of potatoes!

Yesterday I went to a market, or a gathering of crafters selling their work. It's a huge happening where I live every year, and for the past two years I've been more or less broke, and drooling over this extremly cute "Carrot House". Yesterday I had the money to buy it, and even a frame! Fantastic! I really love all the small details, the windows, the flower, all the colors.. everything! Looking forward to getting it up on the wall.

I even found some treasures at the flea-market, two old booklets with lots of knitting and crochet patterns, I just love the purple shawl! I looked through the pattern, and it looks like something even I can manage to knit. Yey! I also found a book about interior decorating, from the 40's, and some fabrics. Who doesn't love flea-markets?
I have tons of treasures found on flea-markets, a great deal of my fabrics are secondhand. I like plaids, and they're usually easy to find, but the hard part is finding the ones which is 100% cotton. I've had one or two surprises while ironing fabric that looks like cotton, feels like cotton... but isn't cotton. That "fake" sheen isn't always that easy to discover in a crowded room with little light. I have no mercy with synthetic fabrics that looks like "the real thing", I throw them away as fast as I can.

And look at this! At least we're getting some of our farming right. This is about 1/4 of our crop, to much for us to eat. So we're giving some of it away. Hope they'll enjoy it! We will, for sure.

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