tirsdag 15. juli 2008

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After "my" forum, or the forum where I spend most of my online time, was shut down for a while a few days ago,as a substitute I started spending more time on Ravelry.
Wow, how many groups there are, and how many topics that are being discussed! I found myself anticipating in topics about everything! There are tons of inspiration to get, and I'm planning more and more projects. To bad I only have to hands.. How many Ravelry groups do you belong to, and what is the weirdest?

Suddenly, I found myself being a member of 72 groups, from tall people (I'm just tall enough!) to zimmermania and everything in between. It's really great to discuss patterns with other people, there's always someone who knows how to do everything.. Isn't it great that all this knowledge about knitting is avaliable in one place?
As for the topic of this post: It's ironic.

Even if my blog is struggling to stay alive, I still am knitting. I've made 3 christmas presents, and recently started Gretel by Ysolda. I've wanted to do a beret for ages, and I've also wanted to do cables... This might be the perfect project then? It's knitting at it's most extreme, I'm not sure if I have enough yarn! I've bought it 4-5 years ago, and know it's Gedifra. I'm pretty sure I've only got two balls, and I'm not sure at all where to get more, or if the yarn still exsists. Fun, isn't it?

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Anonym sa...

Det er mange fristelser på nett ja, og Ravelry er et farlig (inspirerende) sted.

Shannon sa...

I'm in 53 groups. I guess the strangest one is the "Barefoot" group. We talk about the best places to walk barefoot, foot care, foot injuries...anything to deal with feet! I agree with you...Ravelry is AMAZING. Where else can you get help on a problem at 1 in the morning when the rest of your local friends are sleeping?! =)

Congrats on getting gifts made already. I just got a spinning wheel so I am busy playing instead of working like I should be. ;)

Helen Brekke sa...

funny (1)

I really need your help doing my blog English. My English is terriblelousy!

MHM *snÆp*

PS. You have to come to my shop tomorrow, we have wonderful yaaaaaaarn!

Pinneguri sa...

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Jeg er bare medlem av 35, jeg ;0
Ser ut som jeg må skjerpe meg.
Eller kanskje ikke, jeg bruker nok tid på nettet som det er. Det er så mange deilige blogger også ... :D