onsdag 10. oktober 2007

I've been to Lofoten!

And while driving there we stopped at a fabricstore.. and I also found one in Lofoten. So I got some fabric, mostly japanese. The plaids are quite hard to find in stores here (or at least I think so, I try to stay away from fabricstores, as I don't have millions to use on fabric every week..) The prints are a toile, a Lecien, and a beautiful pink called Silence beauty. Love them!

When I got home on Monday, two packages from Ebay had arrived! Some Moda fabrics, and one I fell completely in love with, the yellow roses from Mary's muslins! ! bought two yards of that, and a Moda Chelsea boutique in tan and red, to use as frames. The other fabrics are smaller pieces. I regret not buying more of the light blue Moda Shangri-La fabric.. but that's just another reason to buy more, isn't it?

While driving, knitting is the perfect waste of time. And of course, I've started something new. With old yarn! This is a silk/cotton yarn I got from Angelita when I was 19. I've had leftovers for 6 years, I hope they'll come in handy now! (Which means I hope I'll finish this one)
I've knit 8 squares, all started in the middle. The colors are white, cream, golden, tan and a little grey. Wonder how it turns out.

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Materialist :-)

HanneJ sa...

Kind of hard to quilt without materials, you anonymous coward ;)

Yvonne sa...

Åhhh stoff - finnes det noe bedre?? Ikke hold tilbake!


Rita Tjelta sa...

Nydelige stoffer. Moda er en av mine favoritt stoffer. :D :D
Helt enig med Yvonne, hehe...kjør på!!!

Dineke sa...

I love your new fabrics. Isn't it a shame fabrics here in Europe are so expensive?